The Bea. . . ing Center was created as a memorial to Betty Jeanne Enicks Betty Altizer - The Bea. . . ing CenterAltizer by her daughter Bettina C. Altizer, Esq. Betty was born in West Virginia, and was married to Jack V. Altizer for almost 50 years. She was a graduate of East Bank High School in West Virginia, and of West Virginia University where she obtained both her Bachelor of Science and Masters in Mathematics. She taught high-level math at Virginia Commonwealth University and Roanoke College. Before her illness, Betty worked with her husband and daughter at their family business, Altizer & Altizer, where she was the office manager and accounts manager.

Betty embraced life. Her essence was of beauty, inside and out, intelligence, kindness, and unconditional love. She was open to many ways of understanding life, spirituality and the world, and adopted a holistic approach to many aspects of life. She left this life on October 16, 2009.


In the golden sheen, a Shadow stands

Embraced by the warmth

Coddled by the light

A shadow like no other

Shaped by Unconditional Love

Vibrating with soothing comfort

Shadow taking form

Becoming one with the Universe

Intelligence, Beauty, Infinity of Spirit

Only one Shadow to white light

Loving Us, now loving All

My Mom