4-Word Bound, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization providing mission-related services to communities at large and individual members of those communities. We provide four tracks of education and support for these communities and their members.Our focus is to provide

  1. Education and Awareness (Realization).
  2. Assistance in linking with area professionals to address communities with environmental exposure and related needs and issues (Replenishment).
  3. Facilitation in rebuilding communities and individuals affected by mold toxins (Restoration).
  4.  Assisting individuals and communities to move forward with increased knowledge, understanding and prevention techniques to sustain community and individual growth and maintain long-term sustainability (Re-Creation).

Our goal is to provide our community members with relative information in order to ensure they have the opportunity and the basis to make informed decisions when and/or if challenged with predicted risk related to climate change.

Community members may be faced with multi-system, multi-faceted challenges. We currently see two critical considerations:

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other agencies are predicting that the summer of 2018 will bring health risks associated with tick-borne illnesses due to tick infestations (associated with climactic changes).

One effect of recent climate change has affected previous weather patterns, particularly the amount of rainfall (and exceptionally heavy rains in brief periods). Members of the Roanoke community are faced with numerous challenges associated to high humidity and water damage.  Recent humidity levels and rainfall created the perfect breeding ground for mold and for possible toxic mold growth.

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